to break an engagement

to break an engagement
нарушить обязательство

English-russian dctionary of diplomacy. 2014.

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  • break — [c]/breɪk / (say brayk) verb (broke or, Archaic, brake, broken or, Archaic, broke, breaking) – …  

  • break — /breɪk/ noun 1. a sharp fall in share prices 2. a lucky deal or good opportunity ■ verb 1. ♦ to break even to balance costs and receipts, but not make a profit ● Last year the company only just broke even. ● We broke even in our first two months… …   Dictionary of banking and finance

  • engagement — /ɪn geɪdʒmənt/ noun an agreement to do something ♦ to break an engagement to do something not to do what you have legally agreed ● Our agents broke their engagement not to sell our rivals’ products …   Dictionary of banking and finance

  • engagement — [n1] pledge to marry assurance, betrothal, betrothing, betrothment, bond, commitment, compact, contract, espousal, match, oath, obligation, pact, plight, promise, troth, undertaking, vow, word; concept 297 Ant. break up, disengagement  engagement …   New thesaurus

  • break somebody's heart — break sb s ˈheart idiom to make sb feel very unhappy • She broke his heart when she called off the engagement. • It breaks my heart to see you like this. Main entry: ↑heartidiom …   Useful english dictionary

  • engagement — n. betrothal 1) to announce an engagement 2) to break (off) an engagement 3) an engagement to (her engagement to him was announced in the local paper) appointment obligation 4) to cancel an engagement 5) a luncheon; previous, prior; social;… …   Combinatory dictionary

  • break — break1 [ breık ] (past tense broke [ brouk ] ; past participle broken [ broukən ] ) verb *** ▸ 1 separate into pieces ▸ 2 fail to obey rules ▸ 3 make a hole/cut ▸ 4 destroy someone s confidence ▸ 5 when people learn news ▸ 6 stop for a short time …   Usage of the words and phrases in modern English

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  • break — break1 W1S1 [breık] v past tense broke [brəuk US brouk] past participle broken [ˈbrəukən US ˈbrou ] ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ 1¦(separate into pieces)¦ 2¦(bones)¦ 3¦(machines)¦ 4¦(rules/laws)¦ 5¦(promise/agreement)¦ 6¦(stop/rest)¦ 7¦(end something)¦ …   Dictionary of contemporary English

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